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What is the Reason You do what You do?

Why do you do what you do? Yeah, that’s right: I really want to know your reason for doing it. Come on, let’s hear it! Stop fiddling, sit down and grab your mug. Take a good sip, and have a think before you start babbling …

I am asking these questions because I know how often we don’t.

We do the things we do, just because we are supposed to be doing something. Or just because it seemed the right thing to do after what we did before. Or because of other people telling us, it would be a good idea, or we would be good at it. Or because we started doing it and why should we change after all the time we spend learning and growing into this. Right?

Wrong. All these might be explanations, but not good reasons.

A good reason would be that you love doing it. Or that you love the people you work with. Or that your sense of justice drives you to do it. Or that you feel an inner need to do it. Or that you love the outcome. Or that you really feel like doing it. Or that it makes your heart sing. Or that it helps you grow. Or that you are really loving your life as it is right now.

All these are valid reasons and good answers.

What am I talking about? Well, your job. And your main occupation, no matter if you get paid for it or not. The things you spend your time, your energy, and your thinking power on. And even your hobbies. Everything apart from breathing and bodily maintenance, everything that you decided to do. Everything that needs a reason to be done.

You must be clear on why you do these things.

Because we all tend to fall into those traps of parental wishes, family obligations or simply the trap of the easiest way. Or the submissive acceptance of what the people “with power” decide. What power? Do they have you by the balls or by your purse? Do they hold your soul or your firstborn hostage? (That might be a difficult one, I can see that.)

Mostly they just have already decided what you would need time to figure out.

It is often easier to just follow the path than it is to do some soul diving to find out what you really want to spend your energy on. And who has got the energy to confront the parents/the boss/the prof? Who has got the balls to question authority? Who has got the nerve to have a different opinion? Or even just ask for some time to think it over?

Well, I hope you have. Because it is your life we are talking here.

It may well be that you start to question some of your life choices right now. That is a good thing, even if it hurts. Even if you will need a lot of energy to deal with the fall out, making your own decisions is good. In the long run you will be glad. You will be changing the world more. You will have more spring in your step and sleep better. Really, I know you will.

Have your own reason for what you do. It is always worth it.

Do you want some more tea? A cookie? No? Well, suit yourself.
Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.

P.S.: Some people say, the only choice we have is between doing it out of fear or doing it out of love. If this helps you, try to map your reasons down on those two. There you can’t go wrong!