Coaching Hochbegabung

Thoughts about Thoughts

Thoughts, represented by a firework of colours and rainbows superimposed on a picture of the author. Gedanken, bildlich dargestellt durch ein Foto der Autorin mit darübergelegten Feuerwerk, Sternen und Spiralen (c)Johanna Ringe 2017/2023

What if I just went with the flow, just adding one word to the next without any reflection, without censorship, and without looking at too many thoughts? Because I perceive thoughts, I do not simply have them. Yes, true, I always have them in my head.

The monkey mind never sleeps.
But which of the thoughts I do pay attention to, that is my decision.

This is important, and it is vital to know when and how to decide for or against a thought. This discernment requires practice. Therefore, I practice not making this decision but instead let the thoughts do what they want, just let them flow, spiral, or jump. Just watch them.

Whatever my thoughts want to do right now, they are allowed to.

Interruptions I will just integrate, take them as hints or suggestions. My thoughts will play with it. They do incorporate everything that comes from outside, being birdsong, sounds from a building site nearby or a solitary bell. Everything will be woven into a big symphony, a magic carpet of sound on which my thoughts fly through the universe.

Because thoughts are magical!

They do not have limits, they can fly on magic carpets, dive deep down into the darkest abyss or explore faraway galaxies, all this is possible to your thoughts and then… Then comes the mind. The mind regulates. The mind categorises. The mind files everything neatly. The mind executes censorship and banishment.

What remains of your wild, magical thoughts after this process is your life.

Because thoughts become words, words become deeds, deeds become habits and habits become your life. The more you practice letting your thinking flow, without intervention, the more colourful your life will be. Because your mind is your tool. Your mind catalogues into your drawers. Your mind censors according to your moralities. Your mind regulates according to your values.

It is you, and you alone, who restricts or releases your thoughts, in whichever way you choose.

It’s the same in my head. Sometimes, in the evening you can’t fall asleep, because of your thoughts running amok? Yeah, I know… If my thoughts are doing cartwheels in wild abandon, I steer them tenderly in a beautiful direction. I decide to dwell on a cosy topic, a beautiful memory, a magical fantasy
Sometimes the mental chatter just goes round and round and round and drags you deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole? Yes, I can relate.

As soon as you are conscious about what happens in your head, you can change it.

You can stop the mental chatter, move away from it, leave it behind. You can look at it from another perspective, or turn your back and occupy yourself with more important things. This is possible. Stop the vicious circle, the mental carousel. Step outside of it. Change the direction. Take it apart or let it fly up into the sky, as Mary Poppins would.

How will you decide?

Heartfelt, wherever you might be,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.