Achtsamkeit Imagine

Sitting at the beach – Imagination I

Imagination: Imagine...Beach, Forest, Dancing, Waterfall, safe place (Text on Detail of Painting by Johanna Ringe) ©2020Johanna Ringe
Imagine yourself sitting by the sea.

You are at the beach,
behind you the typical seaside landscape.
Before you, a few feet away, the ocean: breaking waves, white seafoam, seashells galore.
Inside you, at last, a slowly growing sentiment of peacefulness.
Your head seems to clear,
your shoulders drop,
your back relaxes into your sitting position.
Your naked feet dig themselves into the fine sand.
Take a deep breath
Smell the rich air, heavy with salt, with life and energy.

The algae, drying a few feet away, glitter in the light.

They are swarming with life, jumping, crawling, flying…
All these minuscule creatures do know nothing of politics, of money, of philosophy or insurances.
They know about life and hunger, desire and death. About struggle and prevalence.
Their small worlds are as perfect as yours. Small, different, but just as valid.
A beach flea jumps out of there and tumbles down a slippery slope of dry sand.
You feel a growing smile on your face.

Your eyes return to the horizon.

This perfect line,
sometimes clear, sometimes almost invisible in the misty air.
No matter the spray, no matter the waves – the horizon is there.
Reliable and out of reach at the same time.
In all the movement,
in the constant fickleness of the sea,
there is eternity.

The lungs filled with freshness,
the hair damp and the heart light,
you feel soothed.

Waves of solace,

crushing into the sand and the stones,
scrunching seashells and conches into finest sands.
Nothing seems to resist the constant pounding of the surf.
It is easy to forget our everyday inanity in the face of this force.
In the destruction lies a poetry that grabs your soul.
Your laughter rises up against the squalls,
taking all the weightiness away.

You stand,
facing the water,
brush the sand from your clothes
and look around.

Yes. This is good.

This is your beach, a refreshing place for your soul,
and you can come back,
whenever you want to.

Just imagine.


Heartfelt, wherever you are,
Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.

P.S.: The picture above is a detail of my painting „The Visionary“ (Acrylic on canvas, 2020) that I created during my Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training.
If you want to create meaningful paintings for yourself, join me for a Workshop!