Inner Freedom or What Freedom is for, too

What Inner Freedom is for, too... (text on photo of light summerclouds) ©Johanna Ringe 2023

Inner freedom can be of a beautiful simplicity:
I take the liberty of shutting the door in your face.
I am free to be alone.
I am free to ignore the news; to be calm and centred.
I am free to sing, to hum, to laugh quietly.
To be loud. To be silent.

Free not to give you a clear answer

to be scatterbrained or to be concise…
Free to discover new people,
to rediscover old people,
and to discover well-known things in new people. Depends.
Free to doubt, to doubt you, me, us. Doubt the new and the old.
Free to not finish a book. To put it down.
To pick up another one
and marvel at the new ideas in the old head.

Most of all free from expectations.

Free from what other people want for me,
and free from what I considered important yesterday.
I am free to change my mind.
Free to look at every day with new eyes.
Free of “Shine your light!”
Free of “You must find your calling!”
Free of “Make your own path!”

Free of „the right way“ to do it.

I have the inner freedom to be successful, where you see me fail,
to celebrate what you consider a mistake,
to see chances and to meet my deficiencies with tenderness…
To accept myself just the way I am.

I am free to grow beyond myself, unabashedly.

Free to go in a different direction or the same direction every day, at my own whim.
Free to be in the here and now and nowhere else.
To consider this dandelion more important than world peace or your needs.
I perceive the world in my own unique way:
a little drawing, a birdsong, Sappho, cinnamon, Epicurus, erotic, Kant, Leonor Fini, a colourful ball of wool…
A scent, a feather, an idea,
my inner freedom makes me eclectic.
And quite often happy.

Hence, I choose freedom again and again.
Everything else are limitations in the mind.

How free are you here and now?

Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.