Das Bunte Leben

Your safe place – Imagination V

Imagination: Imagine...Beach, Forest, Dancing, Waterfall, safe place (Text on Detail of Painting by Johanna Ringe) ©2020Johanna Ringe www.johannaringe.com

Sometimes you need a safe place, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Your safe place is the destination of our journey today. Sit comfortably so that you can read in a relaxed way. If you want to close your eyes and follow your own thoughts, that is also welcome. Allow yourself this short break, today, here, now.

You are standing in a landscape that is strangely familiar to you.

Standing on a footpath, you know both the mountains on the horizon and the river down in the valley; the sounds of the animals calm you. The wind plays with the leaves of the trees and makes things spin in the tall grass. You follow the path, around a bend, and into a small hollow. There the path seems to end between two large boulders.

Curious, you step closer and see a staircase leading down.

It seems to come out from between the rocks, further down you see light. You follow the steps down; they are dry and seem to have been carved out of the rock by many feet over the centuries. The walls to the right and left are solid light-coloured stone, and in some places, you see drawings carved into them: stylised animals and people, a sun, stars, trees, and flowers. You greet the wall with your hands and find it unexpectedly warm. Further down you see rays of sunlight and now quickly follow the last steps down. Stepping through an arch into a bright room, you are dazzled at first, but your eyes quickly adjust, and you look around curiously.

You are in your perfect retreat, your shell.

The lighting is just right for you, the shape of the room just feels right. The ceiling, walls and floor are the right colour and material. The furniture is wonderful too: there’s comfortable seating, storage for all your favourite things, and space for all your favourite activities.

Nothing is too big or too small, everything is just right for you.

You take a few steps into the room and see the perfect sleeping place. The shape! The size! The materials! It irresistibly lures you in and you simply must lie down in it to try it out. Yes, it feels right. You loll around. You feel your muscles relax and your soul sigh deeply. Ahhh! That feels good.

You could stay lying down now, but you are curious and sit up.

There seems to be a large window or a door. You go there, open it, and look out. Your favourite landscape lies before your eyes. You feel a smile on your face, perhaps you even laugh aloud. You love this view, this very view, so much. This landscape gives you strength and makes you feel very happy and calm inside.

You can feel your energy reserves recharging.

Out of the corner of your eye you notice a movement, and when you turn your head, your power animal is standing there. Quietly, it greets you and you know that it is waiting here for you and will always be there for you. You express your gratitude kindly and without a word.
You turn around yourself, take a few steps here and there and finally sit down in your favourite place.

All this, this is sanctuary. This is your safe place.

Everything that surrounds you is deeply familiar, it is the space of your dreams, the shell of your soul. You know that you will return here. Take all the time you need to explore this place, knowing that you can come back at any time. Then step through the archway at the entrance, onto the rock staircase, and climb the warm steps, past the petroglyphs, up and out. You have gone a few steps along the path when you turn around again to memorise this place. But be sure: you know this path.

You know that you can travel here at anytime from anywhere with a thought, just closing your eyes.

With a deep breath you come back to the here and now. Can you feel your feet? Your hands? Take another deep breath in and out, consciously… Welcome back!
Try to return there in the next few days and imagine your cosy shell in all its details. The more often you do this, the quicker you will succeed in the journey, even if you are not feeling well, sick, or very exhausted, i.e., exactly when you need such a place. Then all you have to do is close your eyes and you will be right there, looking at your favourite landscape.

Taking two or three breaths in your safe place can help you stay calm in the hustle and bustle.

Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.deP.S. You might like the other parts of my series of guided journeys as well: the Imaginations can take you to your Beach, your Waterfall, a Forest in springtime or Dancing in the Dark