Coaching Selbstannahme

Look into the Winter mirror

What do you see in the Winter Mirror? (text over ice crystals) ©Johanna Ringe 2022

If winter is always a time of reflection, that must be the reason for the ice.
In the dark you can see your own light shining.
The relative silence lets you hear your own voice.
When you look into the winter mirror, spending time with yourself, you become aware of what you are missing, what you pushed away and what you are yearning for.

What do you see in your reflection in the ice?

If you notice a tendency to be with others at all costs, so you wouldn’t have to be alone with yourself, do the opposite.
Spend some nice, boring hours with yourself without doing anything, just noticing what comes up, just being there, listening to the voices in your head and to your own heartbeat.

You will probably not enjoy the first hours, having got used to the hustle.

Try to slow down instead of cleaning the whole house.
Try to really listen to your own discomfort instead of clearing out the garage.
Try to sit with whatever comes up instead of running away like you usually do.
Try to have a good look into that winter mirror.

Don’t be afraid.

The big wishes and the dark thoughts and the big change you fear look probably much bigger overshadowing your days than they really are when you look at them in the spotlight.
So, maybe you will have to change your ways.
And maybe you will finally have to feel those feelings you’ve been running from.
And maybe you will finally follow up on that wish.
But any change that might come into your life is better than the mindless hustle you fled into before.
Feeling those feelings is so much more healing than numbing yourself with busyness or self-medication!

Yes, it might be uncomfortable.
Yes, you might discover some dark nooks in your heart.
But hey, any light shines brighter in front of a DARK backdrop.

And after you have cried all those tears, felt the shame, and faced the regret there comes the relief.
After you have let your heart speak to you and, listening, finally made your decision, you will feel so much lighter.
After accepting the dark truth in yourself, there comes a calm and inner peace that is worth every agonising look into the mirror.

For you are a human being.
You are a child of this world, with light and dark, with shame and greatness, with joy and grief.
You are a twinkling star in the winter night.
You are a twinkling star in my winter night, and I thank you for showing up.

And I thank you for standing beside me in front of that winter mirror.

With all my heart, wherever you may be,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.