Standing in a Waterfall – Imagination IV

Imagination: Imagine...Beach, Forest, Dancing, Waterfall, safe place (Text on Detail of Painting by Johanna Ringe) ©2020Johanna Ringe

Come, I will take you to your own waterfall. Make yourself comfortable, take three deep breaths with me…one…letting go of the day…two…letting go of the planning…. three…coming to the present…. and let your eyes close.

Now imagine you are in a warm, summery forest.

The rustling, buzzing life around you and the shade of the leafy canopy above evoke a feeling of comfort and security. It is a bit like being a child again and hiding under a bush. No one can find you if you do not want them to, this place is your secret. And at the same time, it is your adventure, because you do not know every corner of this forest yet.

You decide to continue along a path, at the end of which it seems to get lighter.

After a few steps you hear a burbling sound. The air becomes more humid and a little cooler, the vegetation changes. Finally, you emerge from among the trees and find yourself on the bank of a stream or small river. In one direction you see the watercourse meandering through the last few metres of the forest into a gentle meadow landscape. You decide to look around there some other time. Today you follow the stream in the other direction, where the water flows faster, and the murmur seems to get louder.

On the bank of the stream is a convenient path that allows you to look at the riverbed.

It is full of colourful stones of many sizes and shapes, and you can see that sometimes it carries much more water and sometimes much less. You like the gentle loops and lines that the current has painted in the underground. Where the ground is light and sandy, you can see little fish or tadpoles. The water seems as full of life as the forest. Suddenly the watercourse widens, the noise intensifies, and you lift your gaze and realise that you are standing by a natural pool of water.

On the other side, a small waterfall plunges down from quite a height.

You follow the path along the water’s edge, which leads you to your secret waterfall. From the side, you can see through the spray that there is a wide, inviting stone under the falling water. It is a sandstone step, a little washed out, sturdily anchored with enough distance to the vertical rock face. It is a warm day, and your way here has made you sweat. You do not hesitate for long. On the side of the path facing the forest, some rocks lie in the sun, soon adorned with your clothes in a heap. You approach the waterfall from the side again, let the water wet your arms and legs first, and

with one courageous step you stand right under the waterfall.

The sandstone gives your feet good grip, despite the force with which the water rushes down. You are amazed to realise that the roar is actually even louder here. You feel an inner jubilation that is released in a loud whoop. Your thoughts become completely silent in the face of this abundance.

Completely free of any constriction, you enjoy the power of the water.

Your head, your shoulders, your back – you bend and move to expose your whole body as much as possible to the rushing masses of water. Tension is released, you feel yourself absorbing the wild energy. With your eyes closed, imagine the water pouring into you and through your whole body, sweeping away all the tensions, knots, and debris on its way from the top of your skull to the soles of your feet and beyond…

For a timeless moment,
you pause in the waterfall and surrender to the experience.

Then you step out again, through the spray, onto the path and brush off the water with your hands. You sit down on the warm rocks with your clothes, let the sun warm you up again, and enjoy the sight of this magical place.
You see birds flying through the waterfall and watch dragonflies above the water. Water striders paint circles. Sleek shadows flit across the bottom. The longer you look at it, the more vivid the picture becomes.

You feel the vitality in your body,
the warmth that returns to your skin, the tingling….

And you bask in this afterglow until, following an inner impulse, you get dressed again and walk back along the path, along the stream, through the forest, to the junction and on to the starting point of your journey. You feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and very much alive.
With a relaxed smile on your face, you promise yourself to return soon to your very own secret waterfall.

This place belongs only to you, it will be waiting for you and will welcome you any time….

I sincerely hope that this waterfall has brought you a welcome break and will continue to do so on every return! (Just as my other Imaginations: Sitting at the beach, the Forest in Springtime and Dancing in the Dark…)

Heartfelt, wherever you are,
Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.deP.S.: Have you ever tried letting your PC read the text out to you? Sometimes those monotone computer voices are pretty useful… ;-)