Hochsensibilität Imagine

Dancing in the Dark – Imagination III

Imagination: Imagine...Beach, Forest, Dancing, Waterfall, safe place (Text on Detail of Painting by Johanna Ringe) ©2020Johanna Ringe www.johannaringe.com

Imagine dancing in the dark. You are in your favourite location, on your favourite dance floor. You can feel other people in the room, but you do not really care. They don’t care about you either, they are as wrapped up in the music as you are. There is something about those human beings… It makes you think of a group of animals in a burrow, and you smile.

Nobody is watching you. Nobody could be watching you,

as it is almost dark in here. There are just tiny spots of light to indicate the exits, the bar, emergency routes… Enough to give you some orientation but not enough to recognise a face in the crowd. Somehow this gives you a feeling of being connected to everyone in the room.

You are in the middle of the dancefloor. There might be others, don’t care. You can feel the space around you, enough empty space for you to move freely while dancing. Just because you can, you throw your arms out and spin like a child. Just for a moment, and then the music begins to capture your attention.

The music is very loud.

Not loud enough to hurt your ears, but loud enough to let it fill your world to the brim. You can sense the bass in your body. In fact, you sense all the lower frequencies in your body. It makes your muscles vibrate. You let this vibration increase, get voluntary. You give in to the music, and you let it move your body. The music is dancing you.

Just being a body of resonance feels right. Feels safe.

You start getting the rhythm. There are phrases, repeating, and parts that hug each other. Different voices, different instruments, teasing each other, having a conversation. There, one instrument starts to rise up over the rest. It might be a violin, a flute or even a voice. Your mind follows it, translating its playful way into movement.
Your arms and hands follow this instrument while the rest of your body stays with the main rhythm. Then you feel it: this is your dance. Following this voice with all of your movements feels right. As the voice rises, your hands and arms move upwards, your feet planted firmly on the ground. Swaying and twirling you give yourself to this one voice.

There is no more thinking, no more worries, nothing but the music and the movement in the dark.

After a while, deep into another piece of music, you come around. You feel the heat, for a heartbeat, and your breathing. You smile as the rhythm changes, surrendering again, travelling on for as long as you want. There will be the moment of exhaustion, the thirst, the sweat, and the swollen feet. But not yet.

For now, it’s just you and the music, dancing together.

When you drop out of the rhythm, feeling the heaviness in your arms, the sweat on your back, the tired feet, you smile again. Not yet stopping to dance, just easing into a forward motion, you start moving in the direction of the bar, of your friends, of the water. You might be thirsty now, but another kind of thirst has been satisfied.

Your body feels heavy, you are exhausted. But at the same time energised and very, very much alive.

Do you realise how relaxed your mind feels? Yes, your mind has had a break. How refreshing, isn’t it?

Heartfelt, wherever you may twirl,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.de