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Loveletter from my heart to yours

A Loveletter with a scibbled heart and a signature of Johanna©Johanna Ringe 2020 www.johannaringe.com

Somehow all this distancing and communicating online has made my heart grow. I find myself shedding tears for people I have never met, because they are in the dark place or ill or losing someone they love. Because I know them. We have never spoken in person; we have never hugged, and we have never shared a table but nonetheless: they are near and dear to me.

How could that happen: we never met yet care so much for each other?

If you ask my head, I think it is because we have been through some rough days together, connected and sharing our thoughts, our fears, and our hopes. Instead of feeling isolated I got myself included into an international community of artists in this year of craziness. Together we learnt about Intentional Creativity® and how it can be helpful in difficult situations.

Intentional Creativity® has saved my ass in 2020 – we should make a bumper sticker!

Now we are communicating less, training days are over, and winter is coming. At least in my part of the world. And with winter comes another lockdown. These holidays will be like no holidays before. But I will keep connected to these women, the red thread connected us before we met, according to an ancient Chinese myth. Another red thread is spun these days. It seems to be made of iron, forged in the fires of a pandemic, hardened by isolation from our loved ones and hammered by the media.

There is nothing that could break this red thread.

If you ask my heart how it could happen that we have never met yet are so connected, it will just start laughing. Because the heart knows that time and space are just ideas, and that in the stories and the myths lies truth. Because the heart knows that sometimes in one place there pass 100 years while in the other place it is just one day. My heart knows that you, being human, are very similar to me. You have hopes and dreams, fears, and doubts. And you can get ill and die, fall in love, and start a revolution – just like any other human being.

You are a human, so am I. Today that’s enough.

Blogging today feels like trying to reduce myself to my own head instead of reaching out with mind and heart to my parents in Argentina, to my sisters and brothers in the states, all over Europe, down under, in South Africa or wherever they might be right now. So instead, I write this, expanding my heart and my conscience until they cradle this whole planet, rocking gently and humming lullabies.

Today my heart goes out to you.

I’m sitting with you. At the table, in the clinic, at the bedside of the suffering and dying. I’m sitting with you behind the sun and the moon, beyond tomorrow and before yesterday. And giving you space to talk, to cry, to rest. Meet me by the fire, I am waiting for you. Already put the kettle on and washed the cups. I’m keeping the best spot by the fire for you.

To meet me at the mythic fireplace you need no mask. Come as you are.

Because my heart goes out to you today. And tomorrow.
Please stay safe, stay home if you can. Write letters, mails and make phonecalls. Send parcels.
Stay connected. Stay calm and reasonable. Wear your mask. Keep the material distance. Wash your hands. It is easy to do the right thing, these days.

This way you help humanity (and humanity) to survive and I would really appreciate that. Wouldn’t you?

Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.de

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  1. This is beautiful said and written from your heart right into my heart. Thank you from an other Intentional Creativity artist. With love❤️

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