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The Challenge of Liberating Change

Liberating change is a challenge for many. text "Change can be liberating" on background with golden dots of which one is turned into the rainbow swirl logo ©Johanna Ringe 2024 www.johannaringe.com

When nothing goes to plan that can be a truly liberating change. You had your day planned and in the morning someone or something changes everything. Now you could sit down, bury your face in your hands and start to cry over spilled milk or you could do something else. How you react depends on many things, such as your type of neurodiversity.

HSP’s love of planning, structure, order, and reliability can make it difficult to adjust to change.

I would have preferred my day to go on as planned, but it will not. And when I must adapt to this change, I have possibilities and openings that are new. Of course, it will cost me more energy to adapt to a change that I did not choose. But I could find something useful in this.

This liberating change gives me an opening.

I could check my structures and plans. Are they still the best for me and my days? Have any basic influences changed so much, that a revision is mandatory? Where could I adapt better to the given framework? What must change so I would feel better? Is this unforeseen change a red flag? Do I have to address this with the someone who caused this change?

Or, instead of a revision I could take a break.

I could just leave the house or the office and do something completely different. Outrageously unconventional behaviour like going to a museum during working hours or visiting someone I have not seen in a while or buying a hat. Doing something so radically different from my normal day-to-day behaviour, that I would need this unforeseen change, this spark of ignition to start doing it.

Or, instead of going outwards I could turn inwards.

I could use this time to become still. To meditate in a way that I like. To listen to my own thoughts, freed from the day-to-day noise. Maybe do something creative or find a way to bypass my consciousness and reach deep into my subconscious for some gold. I could look at something that bothers me or instead, following my joy, look at something that sparks my interest in a joyful way.

Whichever way I choose I should do it with a smile.

Because the someone or something that broke up the endless stream of planned days, gave me a precious thing: freedom to choose.
So even if I suffer and must work hard to metabolise any sudden change, as most HSP’s would, I can honour and enjoy those openings, this liberating change. And I hope you can, too.

Heartfelt, wherever you might be,

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