Hochbegabung Kreativität

Let your Imagination run wild

Let your Imagination run wild, Honey! (Text over drawing of a face with light exploding from head) ©Johanna Ringe wwwjohannaringe.com

Sometimes you just have to start using your brain, more precisely: your imagination. Could be a day of boring routines, could be an empty day with no glitter in it – you need to fill the mental void with your own music. Grabbing the headphones and listening to old favourites is a possibility… but you could also start exploring instead. Or thinking up tunes of your own. The former might lead to new paths, the latter is absolutely bound to expand your world.

Using your imagination will add depth to your flat days.

No need for recreational drugs, no need for any chemical assistance, no need for any selfinflicted harm – you only need your own brain. And a strange kind of discipline… the one that makes some teachers weep, some mothers cry and some grannys sigh… the dedicated letting go of any restraints in your thoughts. It might not be easy for you, but the more you practise wild and limitless imagination, the easier it gets.

There is nothing to fear about giving free reign to your thoughts. Because you have control over their implementation…

On a boring day of routines and laundry you can safely exercise your imagination. You are not going to spontaneously build a castle if you are in the scullery… neither taking up Aikido while folding the bedsheets. But you can imagine…
You can enjoy watching your precious thoughts running freely towards the far far horizon. Because your mind can always call them back. Thoughts are just that, thoughts.

And your discerning mind is their supervisor,
and you are your mind’s boss.

So, no matter if you are inventing flying devices, humming songs, planning paintings or gardens or architectural wonders – just let your magical thoughts run wild, use your imagination! Even if they always told you that you had none, just go ahead and think something (anything!) up to prove them wrong. I know you can. And I would love to hear about it!

Heartfelt, wherever you are and whatever you do,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.de