Autumn Poem. Text on foto of watercolor painting of autumn leafs, and watercolour palette, brushes and a vase of roses. ©Johanna Ringe 2023
Autumn Poem

(wholeheartedly dedicated to my readers)

There is wind in the trees
and a fine golden shimmer
A light haze in the air
makes the whole wide world glimmer

The house is cooling down
while the roses still flourish
Bees patrolling around
finding all that could nourish

There is magic in plants
They might turn into golden
There is also a chance
for the garden go moulden

I go out in the sun
to pick up the last roses
My cats join in the fun
they know when the door closes

Autumn days are so full
of scents, noises, and colour
I grab and I pull
put them under the muller

Colours help us to grow
Try becoming a tinter
to preserve all the glow
of the autumn for winter



It is a deep conviction of mine that the autumnal world fills our tired souls with colours so we can better bear winter’s monochromity.
And autumn makes me want to write poetry. Something in my head links these colours and this weather with poems. Possibly the long car rides in my childhood when my mother recited poems by Christian Morgenstern, Rilke and others with me? But those did not only take place in autumn… and we also had winter poems and other things in our repertoire, not just the odd autumn poem…
But when wild weather rages outside, and nothing keeps me from observing these forces of nature, words rise up. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes funny, sometimes gloomy….

In any case, I always enjoy pouring my thoughts into verse – and not only in autumn. Trying to find and stick to a rhyme scheme and meter sometimes leads to new and unexpected perspectives – want to try it out?

Heartfelt and windswept,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.

Autumn Poem ©Johanna Ringe 2023 – Please only quote with reference, thank you.