Das Bunte Leben

Days like these…

days like these (text on photo of a cat in the washing basket) ©Johanna Ringe 2022 www.johannaringe.com

You know, there are days like these… the heating doesn`t work, the sun won’t come through the clouds, the cat jumps into the washing basket.

Best to stay in bed, but it’s too late for that now.

I am up, my head hurts and there seems to be a giant in the courtyard, playing with timber…. Turns out, the neighbours we do not like much have decided to renew their roof. Well, good for them. I am sooo fed up with the banging, that I put music on, but the rhythms don’t match, so this is torture.

Off with their heads. Oh, to be the red Queen – just once, just today. “I need a pig here!”

After the first litre of hot milky tea the cats seem friendlier, but that giant’s still playing. Ugh. Why here, why now, why me. Days like these….
Looking out the window I realize there are preparations for Christmas already going on, even though its early in November. What is wrong with those people?! Really, why not enjoy the dark, leafy autumn days a bit longer, before they breach the public peace with artificial lights, terrible noises, and gruesome decorations?

What’s wrong with grey rainy days spent listening to Jazz or reading soul sucking books?

Ugh, the headache again. One of the cats just lay down on my keyboard. Well, seems fine by me: that fur is so much nicer to the touch, anyway. There you go…

So, dear audience, she disappears with a tinkle of fairy dust, and vanishes into the grey afternoon…

Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Her cats

Sleepy Cats ©Johanna Ringe 2022 www.johannaringe.com