Do not Disturb Your Inner Adolescent!

The Inner Adolescent / Innere*r Jugendliche*r ©2022

What is it? Leave me alone. Why won’t you just leave me alone?! What did I even do? Mind your own business… And. Leave. Me. Alone.
I might be your inner adolescent, but that gives you no right to disturb me. Do you understand? Why don’t you understand? Why are grown-ups so stupid?!

Just leave me alone, please.

No, I do not want to talk about it. Not with you, anyhow. No, I do not want to talk at all. Yes, I am going to tell you if I need you. (Which is never!) Just leave me be. You have no idea what is happening right now. You just don’t understand life. No wonder the world is in trouble, with a bunch of silly old people ruling it. You know nothing! You have done everything wrong, you’re going to die soon anyway, leaving us young people in the middle of your mess!

You have ruined everything for us!

No, there is no hope. Yes, I like that music. No, I don’t listen to the wrong music! What do you know about music, anyway? Did you even have music when you were adolescent? Did you listen to it? I don’t believe you. I don’t believe anything you say. Because you are old. Now let me listen to my music, they understand. They know what is going on and are not afraid to talk about it. They are my heroes. How can you call them a bunch of clowns?!

Just leave! And close the door behind you!

Granny understands me. She has always been about recycling, reducing, reusing. She gets it! It is so sad that she is not going to live for ever, because she really listens to me! She asks questions instead of lecturing. Not like you. And if she doesn’t understand something she just accepts it anyway. She knows that the adolescent today is different from when she was young. She knows that she is old! She doesn’t try to hide it. I love that about her.

I love authenticity in people. And in art. And in general.

You are always trying to make me feel good, but one cannot always be feeling good. Sometimes you’re just sad, or upset, or angry. And then this feeling grows so big it has to be expressed! That is what music is all about, by the way. Not that you would understand. But hey, at least I tried. I don’t need to smile; I need to feel my feelings. All of them, and I am not afraid of them.

The pain makes me feel alive!

You are not alive, you are trapped in your routines, in your small life, in your stupid rules and petty thoughts – it’s disgusting! I don’t want to be like you, ever! I don’t want to forget being adolescent! I don’t want to forget how important everything is! People! Feelings! Tears! Earth! Music! Loyalty! Friends! Love! You don’t even know what I’m talking about, so busy with your useless work, cleaning, tidying up and calling people on their birthdays! You don’t even like them. Do you ever express your true feelings? Oh, don’t give me “impolite” … That’s not life, that’s a lame excuse for a life.

I am going to do everything differently when I grow up.

I’m going to work for a better world, for equality and social justice. You are just talking about it, but I’m going to work on it. My life is going to be worthy. I’m going to find real love, a companion, a friend who cares about the same things. Not some ridiculous „happy end“, but real life. And I don’t even care if it’s a man or a woman or anything, as long as they love me, and I love them. It is important to be true to oneself, it’s the most important thing in the world and that is something you will never understand.

And with them and my friends we are going to change the world to a better place.

If this is even possible. If you haven’t ruined everything already.


Your inner Adolescent ©Johanna Ringe 2022