The Big „Why“ and Some Answers

why? (text on picture of space) ©Johanna Ringe 2021

Why are we? Are we happenstance beings? Cooling sacks of stardust? Are we created by a benevolent mind? Are we created by a mindless system? Are we by-products of a bigger scheme?

who knows…?

To be honest: I do not care very much about this. There is no way for me to know the answers to these questions with certainty. I love the word „why“ very much, to the annoyance of my contemporaries. But to ask this particular why is futile. Isn’t it?

well, it’s not that easy… or is it?

As far as I know, there will be no definite answer. But asking the question anyway might lead me to self-growth. And that is a goal I really like. As a young mother the answer to my why was fairly easy to spot: it generally crawled around my feet or tried to empty the cupboards as fast as possible. Now that they are grown and flown, I need a new answer.

Actually, I came up with a few answers…

one of them is very obvious on this website: I like to support other human beings on their way, as a coach, as a blogger, as an artist, as a teacher.
Another one is also visible here: I like to tell stories. I like to find creative ways to express what is in my head and in my heart.

Another one: I love to savour beauty in its manyfold forms.

Ah, this sunset! Oh, this painting! Oh, did you hear this song? Do you see this combination of colours? Did you see this man? The eyes of this woman? Wow! And look at that smile on the grandmother’s face…! Oh, I am in love with humanity! Wait, did you hear this birdsong? And look at those flower shapes …

I could go on forever pointing out beauty to you…

And then, I retreat to my cave, craving rest and time to digest all this. I take my time to store the experiences away and to connect some dots, just for myself, in my head… I need this time, because I have few filters to the information rushing in through my senses. (It is okay, don’t worry, I grew up this way, I’ll manage.)

And another answer rises: I am here to create!

Because it turns out that I connect the dots in a different way from most of my fellow sacks of stardust, resulting in a very unique way of thinking. And thus creating unique texts, images, paintings and so on. Every now and then I stumble about a human who gets me, really gets me. But mostly they are either appalled, surprised, or delighted by the products of my mind.

So, this is yet another answer to my big why: to touch other minds and hearts.

Being honest with you here, I must admit that I could not stop it even if I tried. People always react to me, to the products of my mind; them being the intended recipients or not. So, I have no other option than to touch your mind, your heart, or your life with what I do or create. But, hey, I am always getting better at curating my impact. So, no worries.  Right? Right?!

About that, one answer to the why could simply be: why not!?

But, the initial shock digested, that would make no difference at all. Because I would still try to express myself, still try to support my fellow travellers, and still love beauty. Being a random expression of life’s love to itself is not the worst way to be. My way will always be the way I choose to be, anyway.

So, the best reaction to WHICHEVER ANSWER YOU BELIEVE TO BE THE RIGHT ONE is still trying to be the best version of yourself.
And having fun all the way into the sunset!

Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.



P.S.: Now there is a conversation I’d love us to have… Would you share some of your answers down in the comments?