Do you listen to your body?

Do you listen to your body? Text on Painting. ©Johanna Ringe

I am not feeling well today. My body is aching. With some women it might be a monthly thing, with me it is more of a surprise… sometimes I do not even notice, sometimes I really need some days of selfcare. Then, why am I sitting here, laptop on my lap, blogging? Well, because I love to reach out to you.

You are the reason I write in the first place, so it seems natural to do it, even when I am unwell.

But today this is going to be short. Because I listen to my body. And she is telling me: „go, lay down, keep warm, maybe get something warm to cling to. Maybe a kitten or a hot water bottle. And if you feel like it, move. Shake it all out. But do not sit here, tied to this machine. It is not good for us.“

My body, she knows. And I learned to trust her.

Because back aches get better with moving. And shoulders love to dance. And an upset stomach loves warmth and rest and chamomile. Nothing compares to staying up all night until the morning sun is bright, the head is far too light, and the coffee tastes like ambrosia. But sometimes you just have to sleep in.
I have experienced a lot in the past 48 years, and there is only one that has been there all the way, keeping close, sometimes holding my hand, keeping me company and being all in all the most reliable ally you could imagine.

I listen to my body because we are in this together.

She is carrying me around, and gives me all these possibilities: moving, talking, singing, kissing, cuddling, making love, running away, listening, writing, and painting… I owe her. At least I owe her the attention, the listening. And if I care for her (well), she cares for me (better). Because we are together, no matter what. And sometimes practising mindfulness is an inside job.

So, what about you: do you listen?

Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.deP.S.: So, what does your body tell you today? When have you last checked in? Do you both have a routine? Or do you rather operate on a need-to-know-base? Let me know below in the comments!