Singing (Word over Collage of diverse people of all ages singing while doing everyday things, guarnished with sparkles) ©Johanna Ringe 2024
… is like breathing – just louder. Right?

As far as I know, HSP’s and gifted people are quite frequently blessed with synaesthesia and other special effects. Maybe even with perfect pitch? At least there is often an exceptional musicality. As impressive as I find multi-instrumentalists and virtuosos, today is just about this one instrument every single one of us* has: our own voice.

For singing you just need your voice.

Who can speak is able to sing, too. Children tend to sing often; like dancing it is a frequent expression of their inner world. I remember endlessly meandering songs about certain animals or dolls and their adventures in the woods… And I remember as a mother wishing for an external volume control for my children’s voices. Well, must have been the same for my mother – let us call it poetic justice.

Why do many people stop singing while growing up?

I find that interesting and sad at the same time. Singing does us good, body and soul benefit from it. (You can find a lot of studies and stuff about that on the Internet.) Sure, you must be light-hearted to be singing aloud just because. But there is so many opportunities for this kind of wild abandon. The question is always: will you seize them?

Let me ask you some questions about singing:
  • When do you sing?
    • What do you sing?
  • Why do you sing? And why not?
    • Where do you sing? Where would you never do it?
  • Why are you singing what you are singing?
    • Do you sing only when you are alone?
  • Do you sing only in company?
    • Have you ever been forbidden/allowed to sing?
  • Was your singing judged?
    • Do you just sing in religious contexts?
  • Are only children allowed to sing whenever they want?
    • Can you sing?
  • Do you want to sing more or less than you do?
    • Are just people with “a good voice” allowed to sing?
  • Who gets to decide who can sing and who cannot?
    • Who has so much power over you? Or to whom do you grant so much power over you?
  • What kind of singing moves you to tears?
    • What kind of singing annoys you?
  • What kind of singing don’t you get?
    • Is language relevant to singing?
  • Which language do you like the most/the least when it is sung? Do you even care?
    • Which song do you consider sacred and special?
  • Where would you like to sing?
    • Where did you hear the most beautiful song of your whole life? Sung by whom?
  • What would you love to sing? What not?
    • When would you rather have sung?
  • What would you love to be able to sing?
    • Why are these questions annoying/pleasant for you?
  • Which question did I miss?
    • What song do you never want to hear again?
  • What can’t you get enough of singing?
    • Which is your favourite song to sing?
Well, I will leave you for today with this food for thought.

Maybe you’ll make a song out of it? Or have you fallen silent in disgust? Maybe my words have even rekindled that spark of joy inside you that makes you sing aloud? That would make me so very glad!
I would be delighted to talk to you occasionally about singing in general and your or our singing in particular… until then,

heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.

*My sincerest apologies to those who are not able to speak or sing, for whatever reason. I am convinced that you have similar outlets for your joy of life which I know nothing about. Please let me know!