Das Bunte Leben

Where is your tribe, your pack, your circle?

Your tribe: who sits with you by the fire when you are burning? ©Johanna Ringe 2024 www.johannaringe.com

All of us experience loss, fear, and disillusionment at some point in our lives. Many of us just try to shake it off and say things like of course I will be okay, or just leave me alone, or yeah,thanks, I’m going to give you a call. The rest grab their phone and call their BFF, or they round up their tribe, their people. This can be family or friends. In any case, this is the people with whom you share the joys and sorrows, who know you in all seasons of life, and stand by you, whatever happens.

This is your tribe, your circle, your pack – call it whatever you want.

It is not important how we call these human beings.
But it is important we are sure that they love our naked souls, protect our bodies, and defend our lives if necessary.

It is essential, that

  • they embrace us and let us cry.
  • they are there for us and make tea or chicken broth whenever our heart lies in smithereens.
  • they take us out and through the night and sing and drink with us until the morning comes when this is what it needs.
  • they just sit there, right beside us, and wait for us to be able to take their hand.
  • they let us take our time. And keep our silence.
  • they kick our arse, too, when it’s necessary. (You know what I mean…)

It is not important if these people are family or not, or if you have spent a lot of time with them. It is irrelevant how and where you met. And it is definitely completely irrelevant what colour/form/pattern your and their skin/hair/eyes have, even the language we speak is not important.

It is essential, that they are there for us.
And that we are there for them.

This tribe emerges while we are busy living our life. It just happens, we do not even notice most of the time. But, on the other hand, you can also go and search for your tribe. You can pay attention to which people your heart says yes! Normally it is loud and clear.

Often You can find the members of your pack where everyone is raw and honest, and vulnerable:
  • in hospitals, intensive care, and maternity wards
  • in end-of-life care as well as in birth preparation
  • on the first day of school. On the first day of university
  • at your best friend’s sister’s wild wedding
  • in the surprisingly deep meditation course
  • in the doctor’s waiting room
  • you will meet them at any AA meeting or in any other self-help group – because you must be honest with yourself to be able to help yourself.

Whenever you witness a stranger with your heart wide open, willing to lend them your shoulder to cry on, in that exact moment you create a connection between the two of you. These connections are never one-way roads.

When you love dies, life comes crashing down on you, or you are wondering whether you are about to commit murder – who do you call to your side?

Heartfelt, wherever you are right now,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.deP.S. Who are the ones who call you to their side when their love dies, when life knocks them down, or when they are not sure whether they are about to commit murder or arson? Are they the same people?

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