Hochsensibilität Hochsensitivität

Living through all your senses?

living through all your senses? ©Johanna Ringe 2022 www.johannaringe.com

As always at this time of year, my body makes it difficult for me to feel good. Hay fever, allergies and the neurodermatitis triggered by them are exhausting. I am in a clinch with my senses – too many unpleasant sensations. The world with all its insanity contributes to the general malaise, the mental efforts leave physical traces on most people.

And yet there are so many wonderful perceptions – go out with your senses awake…

The roses make their grand entrance. Rose bushes overloaded with buds find relief in the first waves of fragrant blossoms. The cuckoo calls so that our whole valley echoes. Fat furry bumblebees tumble through the garden, while the ants can’t believe their luck with all the aphids. The cats roll in the warm soil, snatch at flies or sniff rosebuds. The herb bed explodes. Actually, the entire flora is exploding. The branches of the elder bend far down under the weight of the many white plate-shaped flowers. Every now and then a cloud of heavy sweet lilac scent wafts over from the last wilting bushes at the neighbour’s, and when you walk across the meadow you sometimes step into fragrant lemon balm.

In the evenings you feel like having a bonfire.

Sensual delights are also piled up in the kitchen: asparagus, berries, herbs, fresh potatoes … They are all waiting to be prepared. Even the water seems to taste of flowers, fresh and cool in the glass. A fragrant tea. A full-bodied wine. Freshly baked bread.

Some people imitate cats: they push their chair into a patch of sun, only to wander panting into the shade after a while, drink water, and pause briefly before some insect buzzes by and encourages them to go back into the sun. Others, like me, avoid the direct sun, sitting under the awning, enjoying every breeze that caresses their skin or tousles their hair (like the black cat who prefers to lie in the shade under the bushes).

Whether sun worshippers or whirlwinds – we want to go outside.

To reconcile my rose-addicted and wind-loving soul with my allergy-plagued body, I have to shower thoroughly every evening and wash my hair so that I can go to sleep without dragging pollen into my bed. Sleep with the window closed. If I can sleep because of the itching, the burning eyes, and the deep restlessness. And yet: despite the lack of sleep, in the morning I see the sun’s rays flashing through the roller shutter, and the fluffy bumblebees dancing over the herb bed, and notice how my soul relaxes – thanks be given to my senses!

At some point the lack of sleep will take its revenge, but now it’s early summer. And that doesn’t just mean hay fever season and MAD WARMONGERS.

By consciously doing something good for all my senses, I can cope better with my health challenges. It is so healing to enjoy scents, colours, taste explosions, velvety surfaces, and music as much as the balance between rest and movement, concentrated silence and good sex, solitude and happy company. It is fun to learn about the subject of the senses and to experiment with what perceptions we can consciously experience that go beyond the ordinary five human senses.

This is an area where highly sensitive people are clearly ahead of the game!
  • Do you have a good sense of direction? And what about when you’ve taken a taxi through a foreign city – do you have a rough idea of the points of the compass?
  • Can you walk through a crowded room in the dark without bumping into things?
  • Can you sense when people are near you, even if you can’t hear or see them?
  • How precise is your perception of space? And what does that mean for your well-being on board a ship?
  • Do you have such good body awareness that you can accurately copy an exercise that a trainer demonstrated to you once?
  • Can you „read“ rooms, i.e., perceive moods?
  • Can you feel the pain echoed in your own body when you see a mishap?
  • Can you feel the sensations in your body when someone tells you about their experience?
  • How good is your sense of time?
  • Do you feel immediately when something is wrong in your body?
  • Can you feel very precisely whether a food is good for you, or not?
  • Can a piece of music completely overwhelm you and transport you somewhere else?
Do you live your life with all your senses every day?

Heartfelt, wherever you are experiencing yourself at the moment,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.de