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OMMM – Meditative Moments

Meditative Moments: the gayatri mantra and breathing in and out (Text on photo of a meditating person) ©Johanna Ringe 2024

It’s hard today. I am tired and exhausted, and work is going on at the neighbours‘ semi-detached house… Drilling, hammering, sawing… it is impossible to switch off. There is no regularity, there are always breaks. I find it hard to concentrate. There is only one thing left for me: Om bhur bhuvah svah…

Meditation is sometimes mostly composure.

I recite mantras in my head while I try to blog and maintain my website. It does help me stay kind of calm, but being creative would need more free energy, more focus and more tranquillity on the outside. So, no creative flights of fancy now, just the essentials. Today, after a twitchy, not very restful night, I have to make do with survival mode.

other times, of course, meditation is more.

When I have peaceful days, with enough time that can remain unplanned, then meditation can be much more than just concentration. Then I can not only quieten, but a free, wild, open space for new things arises within me. For inspiration, for freedom, for many things that have many names… do you know what I mean?

Today, however, meditation is simply impossible.

It must be enough to create a protective layer of mantras in my head, behind which the most important processes are possible. Then I can at least function. It’s not so bad today that I would need a protective layer on the outside. Then I would listen to loud music or the sound of waves. My own, predictable sources of noise as a bulwark against the noises from outside.

Perhaps I manage to find tiny meditative moments…

– a glance at the garden, a few conscious breaths, closing my eyes and pausing for a moment… – such meditative moments are always possible. And, as we bring ourselves into a state of timelessness during these brief moments, they can be disproportionately restorative. (Think of it as a short trip into a parallel universe where you are always completely yourself, free from worries and demands. Calm, clear and powerful… can you imagine? Well, close your eyes and go there, just for one deep breath…).

I wish you such meditative moments today, tomorrow and every day.

So that your nerves can calm down and you can get out of the permanent fight-or-flight mode. We know that prolonged high cortisol levels are extremely unhealthy. Whatever relaxes us should be our top priority.

Let’s do something for our health:
Let’s look out of the window right now for short, meditative moments…


Heartfelt, wherever you are,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.