Coaching Selbstannahme

Spring Fever

Spring fever? (Text on photo of a singing bird in a blooming cherry tree) ©Johanna Ringe 2024
Do you have spring fever, too? Really?
  • So, you want to burst?
  • To rip open?
  • To shoot up?
  • To grow, grow, grow?
  • To bloom?
  • To sing your love through the night (until neighbours start throwing things)?
  • To finally find (or rediscover) The One?
  • To smooch?
  • To purr?
  • To flirt?
  • To be a lovebird?
  • To build a nest?
  • To give the old nest a make over?
  • To grow and stretch up into the sky and down into the soil?
  • To finally wake up and stretch?
Well, go on then! WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK?

What is keeping you from expanding into the new, shrugging off the winter dust and showing your new colourful plumage? Why do you not open up to these first warm rays of sunlight? What fears, what sorrows hold your mouth shut and tie your legs so you cannot dance and sing? Are there real obstacles? Do we really have anything to loose…? Sometimes, stagnancy is just a bad habit! Keep asking yourself, why you stay in the greyness.
Your spring fever wants to help you, wants to support you in finding the jumping-off point and flying… Take courage, Darling!

Wishing you a very colourful springtime!

Heartfelt, wherever you are blooming,
Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff.