Where I am from… and what about you?

I am from.... text auf Photo von Johanna als Kind. ©Johanna Ringe2021
Today, I wrote you a poem.

Inspired by the Intentional Creativity® community and by George Ella Lyon, I wrote a poem that reaches far back into my ancestor’s roots,  and into my childhood. A poem that helps me see what still influences me today, what I carry with me, every new day… it maybe even help remembering things I thought lost – or things I want back in my life! So, here it goes:

where I am from

I am from vineyards and bookshelves, from knowledge and imagination.
I am from conventional marriages and fearless open minds.
I am from matrilineal heritage and home-made everything.
I am from reading aloud and storytelling, laughing a lot and wild discussions.
I am from staying up late and getting up later…
I am from cooking for company and surprise guests.
I am from having friends and family all over the globe
and moving to another hemisphere.

I am from loyal punctuality and wild abandon,
I am from November rain and December heat,
I am from magical realism and boring seriousness,
I am from growing into raving colours and moving back into dull grey.

I am from playing alone in the forest, climbing trees, and reading.
I am from telling stories always and everywhere.
I am from being different, being bright, being slow, being big…
I am from writing poems, reading everything, and understanding everyone.
I am from hearing everything, seeing everything,
I am from learning without frontiers.
I am from being the only one in the world
and now I’m here, with you.

And you, where are you from?

I dare you to write your own, diving deep into memories and gradually pulling the words together – or just starting with putting the pen to the paper, writing the first „I am from“ and not stopping there. Let it flow, and let yourself surprise you!

Heartfelt, wherever you are right now,

Unterschrift Johanna (c) Johanna Ringe 2014 ff. www.dein-buntes-leben.deP.S.: I would so love to read your I-am-from-Poem…!