Coach ’n coffee

Coach ’n Coffee

Coaching, exceptional Human beings and Coffee – my guilty pleasures all rolled into one… Heaven on Earth!

I am Johanna Ringe, a storyteller and lifecoach specialised in High Potentials, Renaissance Souls, HSPs, living and working in Ingelheim, Germany.Johanna Ringe (c)2015ff

My first language is German, then Castellano/Argentinian Spanish, then English…(always combined with internationally understood arms, hands, feet and heart). We can meet in person in Ingelheim or work via Skype, as needed. Just get in touch, and ask.

My methods in coaching are as diverse as are my gifts and interests, and in every session we will choose what fits best…trusting experience and intuition. Always bearing in mind that coaching is meant to be beneficial and supporting to your dreams and goals, while taking into consideration your gifts, abilities, needs, challenges, values and roots.

Coaching with me is not therapy, it is a very welcome luxury, a special day dedicated exclusively to your plans, your goals and yourself. While we work, be it a three hours session or a whole day of coaching, I will be there for you with everything I got: knowledge, methods, gifts, energies, ears, heart, intuition and brilliant mind – alltogether at work for YOU! Taking the needed breaks, laughs and meals together, working at your optimum speed.


sweet, sexy, scrumptious and very very rich in content,
lighthearted and deep & meaningful at the same time.
Something you do not need every day or week,
but every once in a while is the perfect stimulus for your thriving self-fulfilment!

Drop me a line,
I am looking forward to Coach ’n Coffee with you.
Johanna Ringe

Cupcake-Coaching (c)2016 Johanna Ringe


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